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The most important thing for us is to get feedback on the services we provide. We aim to satisfy 100% of our users and try to go out of our way to achieve this. We encourage each customer to provide feedback on our services. This page here is to allow our customers to provide reviews about us.

Managing a portfolio of several websites, I have high demands for web hosting. The speed and effectiveness of UFHosting's customer service have kept me on as a steady long-term customer. Whether on mine or UFHosting's side, all kinks and issues are responded to immediately. Good products, prices, and friendly support have secured UFHosting as my first choice for web services

Halgir , gaming.fo

I've been working with Ultimate Forum Hosting for almost three years now, and I find them to be the most reliable service with little or no downtime. Setup was a BREEZE and the technical assistance is superb. I found they go above and beyond the call of duty and service when any needs of mine arise and are always extremely attentive to my sites needs. I would never use another hosting service and I love the arcade downloads that are available as part of the site. I highly recommend you consider using them, they are extremely affordable and VERY easy to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Jack Venooker , trollkingdomradio.com

The service is perfect and so inexpensive. I have not recorded any downtime in over a year. My IPS board has never served faster and the best part is the customer service has never been some condescending nerd with an attitude. I feel like giggling every time I PayPal my hosting fees. Three times cheaper than my last host with no more ‘over the limit’ fees. Sweet.

Aj Raymond , capecodtalk.com

Very happy over the years. Occasional problems years ago were fixed well. Upgrades to the servers have kept the performance good. Highly recommended. I have used several hosting companies previously.

Peta Guy , emuforum.org.au

I have been using ufhosting for quite some time now and have been nothing but pleased with their service. They may not be the biggest host out there but having used some of the bigger hosting providers out there it is nice to visit ufhosting’s customer support to have some mods and stuff installed and be treated like a normal person not just another customer. I highly recommend you use their hosting services. Thank you to Leon the owner for such superior service.

Gary Avery , redsoxnationfans.com

You will not find better Hosts or prices anywhere. UFH are affordable and reliable. The staff at UFH will bend over backwards to assist you in anything and everything. I am a complete dummy when it comes to websites, but, with UFH's help I was able to get my site up and running. I can not fault this company at all. The uptime is magnificent. There has been no downtime since I have been with them since March 2011. Try Ultimate Forum Hosting for yourself, You will not be disappointed.

Deanne Johnson , delighfullyenchantingangel.com

Since joining UFHosting, Microstarworld have experienced so much improvement in the speed of our Forums and also noticed in abundance the increased stability. We have not yet encountered any downtime which can only speak volumns in what UFHosting is advertising to be. UFHosting is set up dedicated for all those sites that have a Forum and we at Microstarworld think it is a must and would not ever want to change.

Steve Driver ,

The web hosting service provided by UF Hosting has been excellent. In particular, when I’ve needed to use the online helpdesk (due to a problem I caused) the person I dealt with was helpful and efficient at dealing with my problem. I would recommend UF Hosting to anyone

Paul , multihulls4us.com

I have been using UFHosting for a number of years now and find it consistently meets or exceeds my needs. I thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking for an above average web host.

Terry Gilbert , tncgames.net

I have been using UFHosting for a number of years and have nothing but praise for the guys that run it. Speed is really good, Help is very polite on the rare occasions that it is required. 1 to 10 rating = 9

Phillip Lloyd , wi11ie.com

They provide me with a very good level of service and are always willing to help if I have any problems. I never have to wait long, they get on it right away. Would happily recommend them to anyone. Oh and good rates too!

Glenn Naylor , kcountrybears.com
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