Google+ Launch First API’s

Google+ Launch Their First API’s

Google+ the new kid on the Social Networking block is gaining market share and now it wants to share the data it has collected with developers through it’s new, but still very limited API’s.

Google+ has always made a point of stating that the user has complete control over their information and whilst profiles cannot be hidden you can choose specifically what you share and who you share it with. This is has been a unique feature and a powerful feature for the impressive Google+ network. Google is now looking to the future and to ways it can use the data it has collected from the users to enable developers to integrate with Google+.

The first set of API’s announced by Google today gives developers access to only the publicly shared information, the information which a user has chosen to share with everyone. Whilst this limits what app developers can access it seems to be a good way for Google to test their new API. App developers will have to register their apps with Google prior to getting access to any data, this is pretty standard across all networks and it is what we expected.

Google has provided libraries for PHP, Java, .Net, Python and more and they seem dedicated to using established standards for their API calls. I am excited to see what app developers come up with, I think this is an exciting time for Google+ and I think there are big things to come for this infant of a social network.

To find out more information on Google+ and the API’s visit: and


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