Ultimate Forum Hosting was founded in August 2007 by Leon Young. After having much success with his forum and finding it difficult to find a web host that would host his site and offer a decent level of stability and support he decided to start his own.

Ultimate Forum Hosting has been built from the ground up with three key factors in place

  1. Honesty
  2. Reliability
  3. Support

With these three foundation blocks we have built a successful business, one which is relied on by all of its customers.

We run only the best hardware and we ensure we keep all of our servers up to date with the latest hardware and software by updating them regularly. All of our servers run Quad Core Intel Xeon processors which offer superior performance and reliability. We are able to deliver websites extremely quickly due to the technologies we run on our servers. Each server has ample amounts of space, memory and connectivity which help deliver dynamic sites with ease.

Our servers run on the CentOS operating system and use the cPanel control panel software to make it easy for our customers to manage their own accounts.

All of our accounts come with PHP and MySQL backend support which has been configured to ensure that it is fast and reliable; this allows our customers to run demanding software such as a forum, a blog or a shopping cart. We can support all our customers with the installation of all the major leading brands of Forum Software, Blog Software and Shopping Cart Software.

Our servers are under 24/7 supervision via our technical support specialists. If there ever is a problem with any server it can be addressed instantly. Our servers feedback real –time information about their status to a central control system and if any server has any difficulties it is flashed up to our technical staff who can address the situation promptly.

We provide an online automated payment system which will automatically setup your account for you whatever time of day it is, this means you never have to wait for your account to go online as it all happens automatically.

We believe we offer a new solution to the web hosting industry and believe that if you are interested in running any dynamic site of any kind that we are the top option for you.

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